About Us

We help you launch your ICO!

We enable our clients to raise the required funds through an ICO by going through 3 primary phases:

Pre-ICO phase

Prepare to raise Funds through a Private placement

Private placement

Raise funds for primary business operations and public launch

Public launch

Launch the ICO for general public to raise required funds for the project

We are a one-stop shop for all your needs towards launching an ICO. We help you take the first steps towards digitalizing your ICO and globalizing your organization. From understanding Tokenomics of your firm to understanding the types of investors to target, our team does it all!

New ventures with market disrupting business models often find it hard to raise the necessary funds. With ICOs significantly reducing the cost of raising funds and giving smaller businesses more of a chance to compete in the global landscape. We at ICOTactix are perfectly positioned to guide our clients towards becoming successful organizations.

ICOTactix frequently works with firms in some of the most prominent industries and advises them to raise funds through ICO. Some of our ongoing projects include working with firms in the real-estate, entertainment and ride-sharing industry.

Our Skills

Understanding Tokenomics 90%
Website Development 90%
Developing Marketing Strategy 90%
Crafting Whitepaper 80%
Community Management 80%

Management Team

khurram Kalia

khurram Kalia

Founder & CEO
Wafa Kalia

Wafa Kalia

Digital Marketing Head
Saud Farooq

Saud Farooq

Business Partner

Our Clients