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To transform businesses, block by block.


To empower businesses to capitalize on the best use of the Blockchain technology.

What We Do?

We provide tactical advisory services and assistance to startups looking to simplify the complexities of their businesses.

How We Do It?

We use proven methodologies, expert opinions and verified market knowledge to assist you in creating a feasible ICO plan

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Our Services

ICOTactix focuses on leveraging its expertise in the Corporate finance, Blockchain technology, Digital marketing to develop up and coming ventures that aim at utilizing Blockchain and power of crypto tokens. Our competencies revolve around assisting our client partners with their holistic needs across technology, marketing and business structuring especially capital/fund raising.


While launching an ICO, one has to have a conspicuously promising, strong business idea with a major focus on the strategic positioning of the brand/idea in the market. We at ICOTactix study the Tokenomics of the firm in detail in order to assist organizations to tactfully launch their ICOs.


Marketing can make or break a business! From digital marketing to social media positioning to traditional marketing campaigns, ICOTactix will head you in the right direction! We aim at devising the most appropriate marketing strategies in each phase of the ICO process and suggesting the best marketing practices along the way!


In order to attract ICO investors and crypto currency exchanges, it is immensely important to produce a persuasive, riveting white paper. ICOTactix helps formulate a whitepaper that provides strategic analysis of the potential of the venture to earn high returns for the investors and details the process of investing in the ICO.


Investors and Stakeholders require assurances. Thus, it is enormously important to have a clear road-map of how the business is planned to progress, once it is launched. ICOTactix plans to formulate cutting-edge strategies for its clients by analyzing the external environment and matching the available opportunities to their internal strengths.


Blockchains are complicated to understand and deal with. However, they are the next big thing in the tech environment. ICOTactix is all-set to help its clients determine the best use of Blockchain for their projects by performing an in-depth analysis of the internal and external environment to determine the best way to launch the ICO.

Community Management

Community management on various social media platforms is an essential component of a successful ICO. Community managers with extensive know-how, are placed on various social media platforms to inform, communicate and discuss up-and-coming ICO. Queries regarding the product, the ICO and its potential to outperform in the long-run are answered in the most optimal manner.

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Khurram Kalia

Founder & CEO
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Wafa Kalia

Digital Marketing Head
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Saud Farooq

Business Partner

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